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Minimise vessel downtime and off-hire

Taking a vessel into dry dock to perform critical repairs or planned refurbishment costs time and money. With Trident Underwater services, the work can be performed below the waterline by specialist diver technicians during scheduled port calls. This reduces both maintenance costs and downtime while minimising the impact on your vessel’s operation.

Trident Underwater services cover the underwater repair, refurbishment and maintenance of vessel machinery and equipment as well as the propulsion system, seals and hull, based on a thorough underwater assessment by our specialist teams of certified experts.

Underwater repairs and upgrades save time and money by avoiding the need to dry dock a vessel

Areas of Expertise

Our underwater maintenance and repair services are divided into four areas of expertise:

  • Machinery & equipment
  • Propeller systems
  • Shaft sealing systems
  • Hull
    Machinery & equipment

    Our certified technicians can perform safe, reliable and cost-effective underwater and afloat repairs on steerable and transverse thruster, stabiliser and rudder equipment. We also offer afloat repairs for vessel machinery such as sea chests and box coolers.  

    W&#228;rtsil&#228; 46 Turbocharger Performance optimisation image with captions
    Propeller systems

    We can evaluate the condition of your vessel’s propeller from below the waterline and recommend the optimal repair or refurbishment solution based on our in-depth knowledge of hydrodynamics. Our solutions for propellers include blade straightening and repair of damaged sections, trailing and leading-edge modification, and diameter and blade-area reduction. We can also install energy-saving devices such as the Wärtsilä EnergoProFin.

    Performance optimization through turbocharger upgrade for W&#228;rtsil&#228; 38 and W&#228;rtsil&#228; 46
    Shaft sealing systems
    We can perform fast and high-quality underwater repair or replacement work for your vessel equipment’s sealing systems while it is anchored or during cargo-handling operations, including lip-type seal bonding, repair and replacement of face-type seals and CPP blade seal replacement.

    Our comprehensive range of services for vessel hulls includes underwater cleaning using our TRITON cleaning system as well as temporary and permanent shell-plate repair using hyperbaric or wet-welding techniques. We also offer a wide variety of survey and inspection services, including in-water class surveys as well as dry dock, damage assessment and hull coating inspections. 

    W&#228;rtsil&#228; Turbocharger wash

    Contact us

    Please fill in the form, we aim to respond within 1-2 business days depending on the enquiry. For an existing installation, provide all necessary details to identify the installation and the equipment. Fields indicated with an asterisk (*) are required. 

    Find your local Wärtsilä office here

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