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Gaschem Beluga

LEG Carrier delivered on time thanks to fast-track commissioning of Wärtsilä system

The Gaschem Beluga, a newbuild ethylene tanker owned by Hartmann Reederei, features a Wärtsilä shaft generator system, comprising the controllable shaft generator and PWM converter. The building programme faced a serious challenge when the shipyard declared bankruptcy before the project was completed. Because of this, the commissioning had to be completed in an unusually short period of time in order to fulfil the owners’ contract with the charterer. Wärtsilä reacted quickly to the challenge and with extra manpower and ready engineering solutions for every situation that arose, the commissioning was completed on time.

“The Wärtsilä Shaft Generator System has clearly more than fulfilled our expectations. Already during commissioning the system, consisting of only two components, has proven to be very reliable although the circumstances have been really challenging for high tech equipment. After a successful sea trial and taking our LEG Carrier into service, the Wärtsilä Shaft Generator System is running remarkably reliably. It enables us to cool down our valuable cargo with the best efficiency and thus with the lowest costs we have ever experienced. We clearly recommend the selection of this type of system for future projects as we are completely convinced of the design of the Wärtsilä Shaft Generator System.”

- Ionut Cornea, Technical Superintendent, Hartmann Reederei

Name Gaschem Beluga
IMO 9743928
Type Ethylene Tanker - ECO STAR 36K
Owner Ocean Yield
Operator Hartmann Reederei
 Shipyard DaYang Shipbuilding 
Gross Tonnage 28580
Length 188.28 m
Breadth 29.02 m
Speed Avg/Max 14,5 kn / 21,2 kn
Scope of Delivery PWM slow speed shaft generator system
Technical data 2500 KW, 450 V, 60 Hz
Speed range 80 – 100 rpm

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