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Merchant references

  • Algoma

    New bearings stop vibrations on bulk carrier.

  • Algoma Equinox

    Wärtsilä combined all the elements of a complete tailor-made solution for Algoma.

  • Arklow Shipping fleet

    For its new build programme of 25 ships, Arklow Shipping requested a stable and always available internet solution...

  • Atlantic Container Line

    Cost savings for 5 new Atlantic Container Line vessels

  • Bit Viking

    In 2011, the first ever marine conversion of Wärtsilä 46 engines to Wärtsilä 50DF dual-fuel engines was carried...

  • Bitflower

    Delivered in 2003, the tanker Bitflower features a complete Wärtsilä machinery installation incorporating a Wärtsilä...

  • Clipper Harald

    Solvang selected the Wärtsilä Open Loop Scrubber System to be retrofitted onboard the LPG (Liquefied Petroleum...

  • Containerships VII

    Maintenance Agreement provides financial predictability

  • Danae C.

    Danaos Shipping, one of the world's largest independent owners of containerships, chose Wärtsilä’s SAMCon shore...

  • El Coquí and Taíno

    El Coquí and Taíno will be the very first LNG powered, American flagged, container RoRo ships. They will operate...

  • Emma Maersk

    The Emma Maersk is the first of a new series of 11,000 TEU container liners being built for the Danish A.P. Moller-Maersk...

  • Fast Jef

    Reduced fuel consumption by up to two per cent with Wärtsilä EnergoProFin

  • Gaschem Beluga

    LEG Carrier delivered on time thanks to fast-track commissioning of Wärtsilä system.

  • Gaschem Nordsee

    Wärtsilä supplied the complete propulsion systems for the Gaschem Nordsee designed for the transportation of LPG...

  • Gaslog with Lifecycle Agreements

    GasLog’s 15 LNG-vessels under asset and lifecycle management agreements benefit from Wärtsilä’s global network

  • Hamburg Süd

    RTA Injection Timing Automation (RITA) reduces fuel consumption on container vessel.

  • Hapag Lloyd container vessels

    Proven operability for 10 Hapag Lloyd vessels

  • Industrial Skipper

    Successful shaft generator system sea trials for Argo Coral Maritime.

  • JS INEOS Insight

    "The delivery of the first in this series of the Dragon class vessels marks the beginning of a new era in the transportation...

  • Khalid Faraj Shipping

    The Abu Dhabi based company has put their trust in Wärtsilä’s seals and bearings for many years.

  • La Mancha Knutsen

    Reduced engine running hours for Knutsen Shipping LNG vessels

  • Leonidas

    Delivered in 2009, the 318,000 dwt Leonidas features a machinery installation incorporating a Wärtsilä 7RT-flex82T...

  • LNG vessel for Knutsen OAS Shipping

    The latest development of the LNG infrastructure provides clear evidence of the increasing importance of LNG fuel...

  • MSC Paris

    Trident, a Wärtsilä company, provides innovative underwater services for propulsion, hull and machinery repair...

  • MV Arvika

    Wärtsilä EnergoProFin improves the fuel efficiency of bulk carrier MV Arvika

  • MV Pontica

    Severe engine problems forced the cargo vessel M/V Pontica to go off-hire. Thanks to Wärtsilä’s renewal of the...

  • OSM Ship Management

    Improved performance, easier forward-planning and lower costs.

  • Pac Alkaid

    Increased thrust and fuel savings for bulk carrier.

  • Port Feeder Barge

    This innovative design for a self-propelled container barge from Wärtsilä Ship Design is an environmentally sound...

  • Provalys

    When taken into service in 2006, the 154,000 m3 LNG carrier Provalys was the largest LNG carrier in existence.<br...

  • SCHIFFKO CV 1300

    The ‘SCHIFFKO CV 1300’, a Multipurpose / Container vessel with fully cellular cargo holds, reinforced for carrying...


    The ‘SCHIFFKO CV 400’ is a container vessel with fully cellular cargo holds, and has more than 400 TEU of container...

  • SCHIFFKO CV 7300

    The ‘SCHIFFKO CV 7300’, a Post-Panamax Container vessel with fully cellular cargo holds, has more than 7300 TEU...

  • Sten Idun

    Sten Idun is a 16400 dwt Chemical Tanker with a Wärtsilä equipment package of engines, gear and propulsors. Sten...

  • Stena Polaris

    The Stena Polaris is a P-MAX tanker owned by Concordia Maritime. The vessel combines transport economy and flexibility...

  • Training package for Nigeria LNG Ltd

    Training package increases crew competence levels.

  • Twister

    The Wärtsilä AQUARIUS® UV Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) was installed onboard the Twister, a Chemgas BV...

  • Two new shuttle tankers for the KNOT Group

    The technology group Wärtsilä’s emissions abatement technology is again recognised with a new order. The company...

  • Wallem

    Reduced lubrication costs for bulk carriers through Blending on Board (BOB).

  • WSD 80 : Marlin series

    The MARLIN series delivers approximately 30 percent improved fuel efficiency per TEU carried, improved capacity...

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