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Ferry references

  • Anvil Point

    The Wärtsilä AQUARIUS® EC Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) was installed onboard the Anvil Point, a Ro-Ro...

  • Balticborg and Bothniaborg

    Royal Wagenborg, the Dutch ship owner and operator, has installed Wärtsilä scrubber systems to clean the exhaust...

  • BC Ferries

    Spirit of British Columbia & Spirit of Vancouver converted to operate on LNG. “We know and trust Wärtsilä’s broad...

  • Car and passenger ferry for Mols-Linien

    A new 158 metre long car and passenger ferry being built for Danish operator Mols-Linien, will be powered by two...

  • Color Magic and Color Fantasy

    “Color Line sees environmental issues as a priority and the use of Wärtsilä exhaust gas cleaning systems on another...

  • Condor Ferries

    "This partnership with Wärtsilä has allowed Condor to be ready to fit ballast water treatment without the need...

  • Destination Gotland

    “This vessel will have a minimal environmental footprint and we are proud to be working with Wärtsilä to make this...

  • DFDS A/S - Wärtsilä Online

    Wärtsilä Online – a great time saver for Danish passenger vessel.

  • El Coquí and Taíno

    El Coquí and Taíno will be the very first LNG powered, American flagged, container RoRo ships. They will operate...

  • Express 4

    High-speed RoPax with a compact axial flow jet solution

  • Finnlines

    Finnlines has made an economically-sound investment in eco-friendly scrubbers to comply with existing and future...

  • Finnlines hybrid RoRo ferries

    Three new Finnlines ships to go green with Wärtsilä Hybrid Systems

  • Fjordveien ferry

    LowNOx conversion reduces NOx taxes for the Fjordveien ferry.

  • Francisco

    The world´s fastest high speed ferry to utilize liquefied natural gas (LNG) as fuel

  • Hammershus

    The ‘Hammershus’ was built at the Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) shipyard in Finland and was designed specifically...

  • High-speed catamaran for Baleària

    The largest LNG-fuelled high-speed catamaran

  • IMC ferries

    The Integrated Modular Customized, IMC designs are custom-made according to your requirements, yet pre-designed...

  • Jolly Diamante

    Wärtsilä has supplied the open loop scrubber systems for four new 45,000 dwt Ro?Ro ships for Italian owner Ignazio...

  • Kristina Cruises

    Cruising with reduced environmental impact.

  • M/S Robin Hood

    TT-Line, the German-Swedish ferry operator, selected Wärtsilä Hybrid Scrubber Systems to be retrofitted to its...

  • MF Folgefonn

    In 2015 the car ferry “MF Folgefonn” was retrofitted into a full scale hybrid and plug-in hybrid ferry. The ferry...

  • MS Helgoland

    MS Helgoland is the first-ever, German-flagged newbuild seagoing vessel to be fueled with liquefied natural gas...

  • MV Theben

    The RoRo vessel MV Theben is one of the two recently delivered ships with Wärtsilä EGC systems, owned by a Japanese...

  • Natchan Rera

    The Natchan Rera started service in 2007. Engine power from the vessel is converted to thrust using a newly designed...

  • Saint John Paul II

    The largest high-speed catamaran operating in the Mediterranean Sea

  • SuperSpeed 2

    Wärtsilä will supply four exhaust gas cleaning systems to retrofit the Ro-pax ferry SuperSpeed 2 for the Norwegian...

  • Superstar

    The Superstar, built in 2008, is equipped with two Wärtsilä 12V46 main engines and three Wärtsilä Vaasa 6R32LNE...

  • Tallink

    New Baltic Sea ferry will be powered by environmentally sustainable Wärtsilä dual-fuel engines.

  • Tirrenia

    High efficiency propulsion reduces fuel costs for cruise ferries.

  • Two Hankyu Ferry vessels

    Two new ferries built for Japan’s Hankyu Ferry were launched in 2020. Both feature the Wärtsilä 31 engine, recognised...

  • Viking Grace

    A new era in ferry operations was established in 2013 with the launch of the world’s largest Ro-Pax ferry operating...

  • Viking Line

    Optimised Maintenance agreement for the complete fuel gas handling system onboard Viking Grace.

  • Wärtsilä powered Incat catamarans have a grip on coveted Hales Trophy

    For thirty years, the Hales Trophy for the fastest Atlantic crossing by a commercial passenger vessel has been...

? 2021 W?rtsil?
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