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Engineering services

Wärtsilä is the leading ship designer in the maritime industry. Our unique expertise, knowledge and global footprint allow us to turn our customers’ vision into reality, maximising their profits and asset value – to engineering the installation and supervising the construction of your upgrade, modification, conversion or shipyard design support.

Wärtsilä offers a wide range of engineering services, covering the entire cycle from initial evaluation and tendering, to the design and building phases of your project. The project scope can vary depending on the complexity of your project, from a simple vessel modification or upgrade, to complete equipment integration of your retrofit project. Our experience and expertise within this field of conversions, upgrades, modifications, retrofits and shipyard design support.

    Our experience within the field of conversions and retrofits consist of the following applications

    • Lengthening
    • Widening for capacity increase
    • Structural reinforcements
    • Integration of new equipment – winches, towers, cranes etc
    • Upgrade of propulsion and machinery systems:
    • For fuel saving or for environmental compliance: E.g. Ducts, fins, propeller tuning, scrubbers, ballast water management systems, LNG/dual-fuel propulsion
    • For higher demand: e.g in speed, bollard pull, manoeuvring, dynamic positioning et.
    • Shipyard design support such as for engine room basic and detail design




    Tanker trio streamlines the waterline

    Heading below the waterline allowed W?rtsil? engineers to redesign its Aframax hull, increasing flow to the propeller and improving efficiency. Several green-tech touches completed the makeover, which created a splash at the tanker launch at Posidonia.
    1 December 2014
    • Twentyfour7. article

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