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E&A - Wärtsilä Hy banner
W?rtsil? HY

Hybrid Solutions

The Wärtsilä hybrid/battery systems "Wärtsilä HY" and its integration with conventional diesel - or dual fuel engine gensets offers significant efficiency improvement by running the engine on optimal load and absorbing many of the load fluctuations through batteries. By increasing the power redundancy, the system allows the engine to operate closer to its optimum design point where it has highest efficiency and least emissions. This will result in reduced maintance need and increased systems performance. Rapid response from the battery system are also among the benefits offered.

The Wärtsilä hybrid/battery systems is suitable for applications in a variety of segments, including offshore vessels, tugs, ferries and costal vessels, buildings as well as for retrofits of existing installations.

Hybrid Propulsion On-demand Banner
The Wärtsilä hybrid system is designed and integrated to optimise the overall operation of the vessel. The system ensures fuel savings and reduced maintenance costs, in addition to substantial reductions in emissions.

Wärtsilä HY offer

    HY for TUG

    The first customers to benefit from the Wärtsilä HY revolution have been tug owners, recognizing the huge advantages this innovative product offers. Cold start up, smokeless operations, the start and stop feature, and the extra power boost elevate tugs to the next level.

    With this new set up, any tug is able to assist ships, regardless of the conditions, with unprecedented operation effectiveness and environmental performance.


    Wärtsilä HY for Cruise is the solution that connects the world of today with a ‘zero emissions’ future, offering a new way of powering cruise ships.

    The best aspects of different technologies are combined into a unique integrated product that goes beyond the standard vessel’s power production concept.

    Wärtsilä HY for Cruise is the best friend of all emission sensible areas. Thanks to its reduced smoke operations it is the perfect product for cruise needs, from arctic to equator.

    Even zero emission areas are not a limit. Further, the capability to combine different fuels with different energy transformers and storage system is the key element in creating an eco-friendly vessel with enhanced safety, flexibility and versatility.

    It is scalable to any size of vessel, from small yachts to huge cruise vessels, and can be applied to any Wärtsilä engine size and type, covering a broad power range, up to 100 MW and beyond.

    HY for FERRY

    Taking the advantage of combining and optimizing Wärtsilä HY with the extensive Wärtsilä propulsion portfolio, ferry operators can deliver less environmental impact on the port communities and better passenger comfort. Engine noise, vibration, and smoke are all drastically reduced. They can even be entirely eliminated when in port and during shorter sailing routes because the engines can be completely switched off, still keeping excellent maneuvering performance, with huge fuel saving and less required maintenance.

    The zero emission operation, or green mode, is illustrated below for a ferry equipped with diesel mechanic propulsion, two main propellers, bow thrusters and rapid wireless charging of the Energy Storage System (ESS). The estimated payback time for this configuration is about 4 years, depending on fuel and shore power price.

    HY for DREDGER

    Dredgers can derive significant benefits from Wärtsilä HY, thanks to the increased load taking capability and enhanced reliability, thus providing smooth and continuous operations, avoiding high stress condition for mechanical components. The EMS ensures instant load taking and dynamic power demand, and can be further tuned for performance optimizing to meet different dredging operation requirements, depending on the assignment. Compared to a conventional machinery arrangement, operating costs are lowered as the EMS control provides an increased energy efficiency with engines running at optimal and stable load for better fuel consumption. The lowered fuel consumption, less total engine cylinders and engine running hours results in a superior payback time of 1-3 years depending on the dredgers operations. Below figure illustrate the hybrid operation mode of a trailing suction hopper dredger as example. 


    The key enablers for offshore vessels are reliable and flexible operations. Wärtsilä HY for OFFSHORE offers lower fuel consumption especially in dynamic positioning operations, while longer time between overhauls enable a higher rate of vessel utilization. ESS redundancy increases even more the safety levels of offshore operations. 

    HY Upgrade

    Hybrid solutions are not only for new build vessels. Existing ships can be retrofitted to benefit from the multiple advantages offered by Wärtsilä’s advanced hybrid technology. A hybrid retrofit reduces the vessel’s energy consumption, operating costs, and exhaust emissions. By using a hybrid/battery system to provide the back-up and redundancy power, the ship’s operational engine can be used closer to its optimal load. Additionally, it results in a more stable load on the engines. Ultimately, it also contributes to lower maintenance costs.

    Wärtsilä completed its first hybrid conversion project already in 2014.  The ‘Viking Lady’, a platform supply vessel owned by Eidesvik Offshore, was fitted with a Wärtsilä Low Loss Hybrid system, after which a comprehensive measurement program confirmed fuel savings of 15%. Less fuel burned also means fewer exhaust emissions.

    When in transit mode in heavy weather conditions, the ‘Viking Lady’ uses the battery to reduce frequent load variations on the engines. This allows one less genset to be used because a higher average load can be maintained. In critical operations, the battery is used as power redundancy while a charge / discharge strategy is also adopted. This allows one engine and a single battery to operate at the most efficient loading.

    Recent webinars

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    The hybrid (r)evolution

    12 May 2020 - AMER session

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    The hybrid (r)evolution

    5 May 2020 - EUAF session

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    The hybrid (r)evolution

    30 April 2020 - MEA session

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    Wärtsilä ZERO

    Wärtsilä Zero operations is an innovative utilization of alternative energy carriers through carbon neutral fuels (such as Hydrogen, Ammonia, and the use of other Energy Storage Systems including Electrically Charged Batteries).

    Wärtsilä has developed an all-electric power module, capable of utilizing electric batteries in combination with fuel cells, which can be driven either by Hydrogen or LNG to deliver carbon-free operations.

    Vessels, such as the Norwegian ferry ‘Folgefonn’ and the offshore supply vessel ‘Viking Lady’, are both good examples of ships operating with zero emissions.


    Wärtsilä Services supports its customers throughout the lifecycle of their installations by optimizing efficiency and enhancing their operations, thus helping to grow their business. Wärtsilä's service network of approximately 11,000 professionals in 160 global locations is unmatched in the marine and energy delivering services to more than 12,000 customers every year.

    Ensures substantial reduction in emissions, and supports a sustainable operation with different fuels. The yearly fuel savings have proven to be between 10-20% depending on type of engines and configurations.”


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    Press releases


    North Sea Giant_slide
    North Sea Giant
    W?rtsil? Hybrid upgrade brings significant fuel savings for offshore vessel
    Viking Princess
    New energy storage solution onboard Viking Princess
    MF Folgefonn
    MF Folgefonn was retrofitted into a full scale hybrid and plug-in hybrid ferry
    Luleå HY tug-reference-slide
    Port of Lule?, hybrid escort tug
    W?rtsil? HY solution for operational flexibility combined with notable environmental benefits
    Viking Lady
    The Viking Lady platform supply vessel embodies a number of groundbreaking, energy efficient, and emissions reducing technologies.

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