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to W?rtsil? in the Baltic

W?rtsil? in the Baltic

As a part of Wärtsilä Services Wärtsilä BLRT Estonia OÜ and Wärtsilä BLRT Estonia OÜ Lietuvos filialas ensure the availability and cost-efficient operation of our customers installations through our Products & Solutions offering.


The world has enough talkers. We are doers. We are close to 18,000 men and women dedicated to achieving our clients' goals.

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Contact us

Wärtsilä BLRT Estonia OÜ
Kopli 103
11712 Tallinn
Tel. +372 610 2241
Fax: +372 610 2214
24/7  phone: +372 501 9395
E-mail: wartsila.estonia@wartsila.com 
Global homepage: www.lnrpj.com 
Reg.code: 11122893 

Wärtsilä BLRT Estonia OÜ Lietuvos filialas
Minijos str. 180
LT-93269 Klaipeda
Tel. +370 46 483 761
Fax: +370 46 483 762
24/7 phone: +370 680 30687
E-mail: lithuania@wartsila.com 
Global homepage: www.lnrpj.com 
Reg. code: 302826330

? 2021 W?rtsil?
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