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W?rtsil? delivers energy security to remote island in northern Azores

Wärtsilä delivers energy security to remote island in northern Azores

Graciosa, Azores, Portugal

6 MW / 3.2 MWh energy storage

A hybrid storage solution integrates and optimises wind, solar, storage and thermal generation assets on the island of Graciosa.

Off the coast of Portugal, in the northern Azores, heavy dependence on fossil fuel imports, coupled with a growing climate crisis, puts the island of Graciosa in a very unique bind as it relates to energy security. Relying on oil, diesel and natural gas shipments has been a very expensive endeavor and traditionally the only option for isolated communities like Graciosa. Integrating renewable energy has not only become an economically viable alternative, it’s also a sustainable one.

The Graciosa Hybrid Renewable Power Plant enables 1 MW of solar, 4.5 MW of wind power and a 6 MW / 3.2 MWh energy storage system to be supplied to the local grid, reducing the islands’ reliance on petroleum imports and significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Graciólica Lda’s end client, local utility EDA, anticipates this investment will boost renewable energy consumption from 15% to 65%. Not only does this reduce the island’s carbon footprint, but the hybrid island grid will also greatly impact the cost of energy going forward.

Our investment will help create a renewable energy asset that will deliver both economic and environmental benefits. This project represents the future direction of the global energy sector with an integrated power system combining renewables and energy storage. We appreciate Greensmith’s professionalism in providing the software needed to expand the functionality of the microgrid to create overall system reliability and performance.
Scott Macaw, Director, Graciólica Lda
Heavy dependence on external sources for energy fuel, including high costs of importing fossil fuels to power the island’s energy grid and relative unreliability of supplies
Hybrid storage solution integrated and GEMS optimised energy generation, combining wind, solar, energy storage and thermal generation assets
Reduced island’s reliance on imported fossil fuels and significantly cut down on greenhouse gas emissions by boosting renewable energy consumption from 15% to 65%

Main data

Graciólica Lda
Site Size
6 MW / 3.2 MWh energy storage
4.5 MW wind
1 MW solar
Site Location
Azores, Portugal
Renewables Integration

Graciosa reference page picture 1

Graciosa is one of many islands pursuing a hybrid approach to island grid energy generation. This new hybrid renewable power plant is managed by GEMS, an energy management software system developed and installed by Wärtsilä. The result: an integrated power system combining renewables, engines, and energy storage that will deliver both economic and environmental benefits.

The GEMS platform uses artificial intelligence and data to control and balance multiple energy assets, automatically optimising energy generation based on load patterns and weather forecasts, increasing the use of renewable energy and decreasing the cost of diesel power generation, while improving the reliability of the island’s energy grid.

This project represents the journey towards a 100% renewable energy future for the island that will deliver both economic and environmental benefits.

Downloads & links

Graciosa on the path to 100% renewable...

While the rest of the world is figuring out how to transition to renewable energy, a tiny island with...
19 October 2018
  • Twentyfour7. article

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