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Wärtsilä hybrid power plants
Hybrid power plants
The future of energy

The future of energy is hybrid

Fast-starting, internal combustion engines – integrated with energy storage – offer considerable potential for fuel and cost savings. Especially in remote areas, such as island and isolated grids where fuel prices are generally high, these types of integrated hybrid power plants hold great promise.

With these innovative solutions, existing and future customers will be able to utilize energy storage technology together with traditional engine based power generation.

Towards a greener future

During the past decade, the demand for greener electricity production has been constantly on the rise. This is normally achieved by adding renewable generation to the system – but that’s not the only way. Greener electricity can be achieved also by adding energy storage to thermal power plants. In fact, according to our studies, annual fuel savings up to 6% can be reached by adding only energy storage, thus also reducing the emissions of the power plant.

Wärtsilä hybrid power plants, engines+storage in a nutshell

By using the energy storage capacity as spinning reserve, thermal generation can be operated on higher load with better fuel efficiency and with less engines running. Another possibility is to e.g. use the same energy storage for grid stability services, providing additional value to customers.


    Instant power

    Power quality
       Frequency control
        Voltage control

    Spinning reserve replacement

    Ancillary services


    Optimized plant operation

    • Fuel savings

    • O&M optimization and savings

    Regulation compliance

    Enhanced dispatchability

    Reduced emissions

    Spinning reserve by engine vs storage comparison

    Lower average load. Year average 74%, ave. efficiency 42,2%

    Spinning Reserve by Engines

    Higher average load. Year average 90%, ave. efficiency 43,0%

    Spinning Reserve by Storage

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