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W?rtsil? 34DF grid stability / emergency multi-fuel power plant

The most flexible power plant in all aspects, always ready to deliver power to the grid instantly and efficiently, on any fuel. This makes the plant perfect for peaking and reseve power applications in any current or future fuel supply environment.

  • Ultra fast start capability provides megawatts to the grid in seconds and full plant output in a just over 2 minutes
  • Able to provide non-spinning secondary reserve thanks to a 20-second ultra fast sync time
  • High efficiency in any operating profile
  • Able to provide grid blackstart capability and re-energize a grid on diesel or low-pressure gas
  • Extremely low standby consumption, <1 kW per MW of installed power
  • Genset is easily transported in one piece to challenging locations

    Output & configuration
    Plant output   20-400 MW 
    Configuration  2-36x 20V34DF
    Efficiency  Gas  48 
     Liq. fuel  45
    Ramp rate  % load /min >100
    Minimum load  Efficiency mode  %  3
     Spinning mode %  30 
    Loading & unloading
       Sync Full 
    Regular start time Gas  min  < 3  < 10 
     Liq. fuel < 1 < 6 
    Fast start time  Gas  min < 2 < 6 
     Liq. fuel  < 1 < 3 
    Ultra fast start time  min:sec  0:30 1:30 
     Stop time  min  1

    ? 2021 W?rtsil?
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