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Mountains in Switzerland
to W?rtsil? in Switzerland

W?rtsil? in Switzerland

Wärtsilä in Switzerland is the centre of excellence for low-speed 2-stroke marine diesel engines. These engines are utilized for the propulsion of all types of deep-sea ships worldwide, including the world’s largest cargo ships. Wärtsilä provides state-of-the-art services from Switzerland as well as from strategic important locations around the Globe. We give the highest priority to serve our customers with fast and innovative solutions brought to the market by top skilled employees.


The world has enough talkers. We are doers. We are close to 18,000 men and women dedicated to achieving our clients' goals.

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Contact us

Wärtsilä Services Switzerland Ltd
Schlossmühlestrasse 9
CH-8500 Frauenfeld
Phone: +41 52 55 00 100
Fax: +41 52 55 00 200
E-mail: mail-ch@wartsila.com

Contact details for emergency issues:

Operational support
or phone 24 hrs support: +41 52 55 00 111

Spare parts
If you need Wärtsilä spare parts and/or tools, please send your enquiry to 2S.partsservices@wartsila.com
or phone 24 hrs support: +41 52 55 00 222

? 2021 W?rtsil?
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