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Wärtsilä Ahead
Revolutionizing the energy market

Join us, together we’re the next big thing

The marketplace of the future is an ecosystem game

Global markets are changing fast, and we believe succeeding in the future energy market is an ecosystem game, which calls for creating diverse, collaborative and highly-responsive new roles, relationships and operation models for different interactions. We are committed to our vision of a 100 % renewable energy future – and to developing new ways of working together to accelerate this transition.

We see a range of emerging business opportunities and are confident that by working closely with others we will revolutionize the global energy market. Simply put, some ideas are so big that a community of organizations and specialists is required to turn these opportunities into world-changing innovations. The COMMITTED community is one example how we collaborate within the energy ecosystem.

We are committed to our vision of a 100% renewable energy future −and to developing new ways of working together to accelerate this transition

The power of collaboration

Our goal is a 100 % renewable energy future and we are especially interested in following areas:

  1. Power-to-X and wider electricity as a raw material.
  2. Energy storage in different forms.
  3. Creating new business models and shared value.
  4. Novel paths for generating renewable energy.

We are mainly looking for collaboration with companies that have already validated their offering in the marketplace – and can demonstrate that their early market success is sustainable.

Join us, together we’re the next big thing!

A new perspective a new solution

Soletair Power Oy has developed a unique concept to improve air quality in buildings by capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) and converting it to synthetic renewable fuel. Soletair Power’s concept represents an important step toward carbon neutral societies and supports Wärtsilä’s strategy in leading the energy sector toward a 100% renewable energy future. We see great value in Soletair Power’s new concept and will provide global support for the development and commercialization of this exciting new technology.

A new perspective a new solution v4


? 2021 W?rtsil?
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