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Wärtsilä's Requirements for Purchase Invoices

In order to improve and assure the quality and efficiency of the Accounts Payable process, please ensure that you as a supplier follow and fulfil Wärtsilä’s requirements for purchase invoices.

Minimum purchase invoice data requirements

The purchase invoice has to contain the following data:

  1. Correct, official Wärtsilä Company name and address = Company address (e.g. Wärtsilä Finland Oy including business unit / department)
  2. Business unit
  3. Correct Wärtsilä Company VAT number
  4. Correct Supplier address and VAT number
  5. Correct and valid Supplier bank account information
  6. Correct references
    • Wärtsilä’s contact person
    • Purchase order or cost object (cost center, order, network, WBS, shipment number)
  7. Correct delivery address of the goods (to be mentioned if it is other than Wärtsilä Company address)
  8. Purchase invoice shall also include:
    • Date and number of the invoice
    • Due date / Payment term
    • Delivery number
    • Description of purchased goods / service
    • Correct price and quantity
    • In case of a freight purchase invoice, also consignee information must be mentioned
  9. Additional requirements regarding intra EU deliveries
  10. Net weight

NOTE! Purchase invoices with wrong or missing information will be returned to suppliers and this will cause delays in payments.

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