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Strategic steps

Strategic projects, partnerships, acquisitions and divestments in 2019

  • In April, Wärtsilä agreed to provide seed funding to Soletair Power Oy, a Finland-based start-up company operating in the field of Power-to-X. Soletair Power Oy has developed a concept to improve air quality in buildings by capturing carbon dioxide and converting it to synthetic renewable fuel. This was followed in May by the announcement of a research collaboration with Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology on strategic power system modelling, with the aim of understanding and developing paths towards energy systems operating 100% on renewable energy sources.
  • In May, Wärtsilä announced the acquisition of Ships Electronic Services Ltd (SES), a UK based company specialising in navigation and communication electronics, as well as installation, maintenance, and repair services, mainly for commercial and leisure vessels. SES, established in 1974, has its headquarters in Rochester and operates also out of nine other offices in the UK.
  • In June, Wärtsilä entered into a cooperation agreement with Aggreko, a global power equipment supplier, to introduce a new concept for power markets built around the Wärtsilä Modular Block solution. The cooperation will also enable new business and financing models, such as power as a service or rentals.
  • In September, Wärtsilä and Q Power Oy, a Finnish bio-methanisation company, signed a cooperation agreement to accelerate the development and commercialisation of renewable fuels. The companies will work together to develop the market and find new business opportunities for bio-methanisation and synthetic fuels globally.
  • In October, Wärtsilä co-founded a new global cyber security alliance for operational technology, which aims to bridge dangerous gaps in security for operational technology and industrial control systems. Operational technology encompasses the hardware and software used to control physical systems, such as machinery in factories, power stations, ships, or ports. The Internet of Things and inter-connectedness of production systems in smart factories means that there is a significantly and rapidly growing risk of serious security breaches in these environments.
  • In November, Wärtsilä and Singapore-based PSA Marine announced their collaboration in the co-creation of smart technologies for the marine sector. Specific collaboration areas include the use of electric or hybrid technologies that enhance the utilisation of low-emission energy and propulsion systems, the incorporation of next-generation smart vessel technologies, the adoption of secured connectivity to facilitate ship-to-shore data exchange, as well as marketing and branding activities that generate awareness.
  • In December, Wärtsilä signed a strategic development agreement with the Chinese state-owned shipbuilder CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding Company Limited. The purpose of the five-year agreement is to build a cooperation framework and working mechanism for the research and development of hybrid power systems. Wärtsilä will support Huangpu Wenchong during the design and construction phases with technology innovations, system selection, performance calculations, and long-term services.
  • In December, Wärtsilä announced the divestment of Wärtsilä ELAC Nautik GmbH (ELAC Nautik) to Cohort plc, a UK listed company specialising in defence, security, and related market sectors. ELAC Nautik became part of Wärtsilä as a result of the acquisition of L-3 Communications MSI in 2015. Its main market focus is on hydroacoustic products, including sonars, underwater communication systems, and echo systems for small and medium sized military submarines. ELAC Nautik employs approximately 120 people and generates annual revenues of approximately EUR 21 million. Subject to approvals, completion of the transaction is expected in the early part of 2020.
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